Resources – Professional

Some professional resources for MCAS


Diagnosis of mast cell activation syndrome: a global “consensus-2” (April 2020)

The Presentation, Diagnosis & Treatment of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (September 2014)

Characterisation of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (March 2017)


Pharmacological treatment options for mast cell activation disease (April 2016)

Mast cell activation disease: a concise practical guide for diagnostic workup and therapeutic options (March 2011)

For Gastroenterologists

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: A Primer for the Gastroenterologist (April 2020)

Instructions for Pathologist scoring CD117 staining (2019)

For Immunologists & Rheumatologists

Mast Cells are Important Modifiers of Autoimmune Disease: With so Much Evidence, Why is There Still Controversy?

Mast Cell Activation Disorders – Overview

The Mastocytosis Chronicles – Health Care Professionals Edition (2019)

Other Info

The pseudo-allergic/neurogenic route of mast cell activation via MRGPRX2: discovery, functional programs, regulation, relevance to disease, and relation with allergic stimulation (April 2020)

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